"I help the modern-day women balance their HORMONES, heal their GUT, cut the feeling of OVERWHELM

 & find their ideal WEIGHT through an Ayurveda & Integrative Health approach"

~ Harmony 


I offer ETHICAL & Organic TRANSFORMATION through AYURVEDA & integrative HEALTH


Be INSPIRED to live well. Let me teach you how to become your own HEALTH GURU

Be EMPOWERED to TRUST in your own body's intelligence. 

HEAL, THRIVE & create MindBody BALANCE through the ancient wisdom of *AYURVEDA 

& integrative medicine. 

Live an Inspired Life.

x x x 

* 'Ayur' Means life or longevity & 'Veda' means science or knowledge. Ayurveda = Science of Life

Soul Sisters, I get you!

You spend your days working hard & running a family, despite this you make an effort to prioritise eating well and doing your best to squeeze in some exercise BUT you still suffer with fatigue, gut issues, skin breakouts, hormonal imbalance, a cluttered mind & can't seem to shift the weight.

You just don't understand WHY! 

Let me help YOU understand WHY & discover the root cause of your symptoms....