One thing that I have realised is that Overloading every part of your life doesn’t create balance…

It’s a recipe for disaster.

I get it, iv been there (multiple times ).

Our goal through Ayurveda is to create balance in our mind, body, life…

but we all have a different tipping point so finding & creating ‘more balance’ in your life is an individual process.

However, one thing I see over & over again In my clinic with my clients is that they believe giving more to their friends & family helps to balance the scales of how much they give to their business or work schedule.

The need to to keep giving & serving is done out of ‘guilt’ & in an attempt to try to fit everything in to find ‘balance’ …. but it doesn’t work that way, that is not balanced, that is OVERLOAD…. which leads to overwhelm & eventually, something has to give.

Unfortunately, it is usually their mental or physical health.

So what can you do if this sounds like you?

1. Get honest with yourself – why are you doing what you do if you know it’s not serving you?

2. Learn to say NO. If it’s not a HELL YEAH then it’s a NO!

3. Wake up each morning and take the first 1/2 hr of the day to yourself! Create a morning routine (dinacharya) which helps set the rest of your day. Yes, this may mean getting up 1/2 hr before the kids!

4. Have boundaries with your ‘work hours’ & devices. This may mean putting in strict boundaries around not replying/answering work-related calls or emails after 4:30 pm & turning off the computer

5. Get to bed before 10 pm every night. This is important for proper sleep hygiene and hormone production.

6. Eat nutrient-rich food that provides LASTING energy. A healthy body & mind is essential in living your most inspired life

7. Schedule your week ahead on a Sunday evening and make sure you schedule in FUN time, FAMILY time & ME time… this is just as, if not MORE important than work time. When your 90yrs old looking back on the way you spent your life would you ever regret scheduling in more ‘FUN & FAMILY’ times? …. but DO NOT squeeze these in as extras make them PART of your schedule.

8. Ask for HELP! You would be surprised at the support network you have around you if you seek their help.

If you can dream it, you can CREATE it!

Namaste xx


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