You sure are sister!

You are a goddess of this melenium & you are rising to shine your light on the world. The fact that you have been called to read this blog shows that you are in goddess flow with the universe & all of the goddesses and sisters who are rising together to share their innate wisdom that the world craves for and is ready to hear.

Beautiful soulful women your are rising and will never stop. Deep within you, your soul’s vessel known as the human body lays your true soul essence which is expressed through your presence, your vibrations and your words.

So let your words be heard, let glimpses of your soul be seen, for “what you are seeking is seeking you” & your wisdom will reach those who seek it too.

We all have innate wisdom like no other being on this planet. Just like the uniqueness of our fingerprints so is our true voice, inner guidance and intellect that we can offer up and share with the world.

A goddess rising uses her words to inspire, encourage and educate. A goddess rising listens without judgement & learns from all of the view points and wisdom offered up to her. She uses each day to grow and learn so she can be of service in her realm.

Goddess, I invite you to use your words to help others grow and develop. Use your words to express gratitude and kindness. Use your words to express the inner wisdom that resides within you. The world needs to hear your voice, you are a goddess rising & are here to contribute to the collective intellect of mankind x x x

Live and Inspired Life x


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