Health & Wellness Business Mentorship

Expect Growth & Clarity with my Business Mentorship programs

Business mentorship programs for female health & wellness professionals who want to grow their business, have a clear direction, be more visible & serve more clients so that they can have more financial freedom, flexibility & fulfilment running a business they LOVE.

How can Business Mentorship HELP YOU

Business is built on 3 things:

  1. Purpose & Impact
  2. Connection
  3. Solving Problems

It is important to get clear on these 3 building blocks so that you can expand and grow a soulful business that fulfils your dharma (purpose) & serves your clients. Without soulful service
it would be hard to sustain a business.

Without an economic exchange, you simply don’t have a business… So, how do you find your ideal client so that you can live your dharma being of services and in exchange accept economic energy (money/ payment)? Firstly, you have to be soul-aligned with your business and clear on your mission. Secondly, you have to establish yourself in your market with an authentic voice and understand your clients (niche). Thirdly, all successful business owners have a mentor or coach to guide them, to keep them accountable and provide clear focused business strategies & the right mindset strategies to run a successful business. ​

I’ve built multiple soul-aligned successful businesses in the health & wellness industry. I can help you, as I have helped many others grow their health & wellness businesses with an authentic voice so that you stand out in a saturated market. I will help you discover a niche so that you can direct your mission to those who really need and want your services (these are the people who will pay you for your work making your business viable!).

Business Growth

When you start a business the idea is that you want it to grow so that it can provide the financial reward that you are after. However, I see too many small businesses trying to grow too quickly and burning out in the process OR they have not yet set up the foundations on which to grow upon which leads to steady growth and success. As your business mentor, I will help you & your business grow in a sustainable, steady and productive way so that you can reap the benefits without the potential burnout that can come throughout the growth phase.

Freedom & Flexibility

Did you start your business so that you would have more freedom and flexibility only to find out that running a business requires more of your time & energy? I started off this way too, so I get it! However, over the years I have created a business that allows more freedom, flexibility, financial independence & fulfilment by following my 4F pillars. I will teach you how to work less by prioritising what you need to do in order to grow your business for great success without burning out in the process.

Clarity & Strategy

Clarity comes through action and action starts with good strategy. A solid business strategy is the foundation of your business. Without a strategy, your business will struggle to survive. It may sail along ok for a while but when the wind picks up it will blow to pieces if the foundation is not strong and a carefully thought-out strategy is not put in place. I will help you set your business up for lasting success with a strong foundation.

Mindset Energetics & Support

I will be your biggest cheerleader, I will offer you support, inspire motivation & guide you through your business successes but I will also keep you accountable so that you keep showing up for YOU, your BUSINESS and your CLIENTS. However, what I see as some business owners’ biggest obstacle in achieving their dream business is their MINDSET!
MINDSET energetics can literally MAKE or BREAK your business so when you work with me, you not only learn strategy but you learn how to have the mindset energetics of a successful entrepreneur.

Ways to work with me

I offer a 2 week Clarity Intensive package & a 3-month business mentorship program. Both of my offerings are 1:1 so that we can deep dive into conversations, ideas, and personalised strategies & get bigger results faster.

Alchemy of Her has been a lifeline for my business. I was feeling lost before Harmony and Melissa came into my entrepreneurial journey. Their personalised program blended business strategy with mindset energetics in a way that resonated. They guided me through the challenges of not getting many clients to being BOOKED out! After the mentorship, my business has not only thrived but also transformed, I do things differently now & have made more income in my business in the last 3 months than I had in the last 3 years. I’m now equipped with the tools and confidence to tackle anything that comes my way. A heartfelt thank you to Harmony and Melissa for their invaluable support!
– Laura H

One To One

Alchemy of HER – Business Strategy & Mindset Energetics

Are you ready to blend soulful strategy with powerful mindset shifts? Dive into an evolutionary journey with Alchemy of HER®, where your vision meets actionable steps towards sustainable growth.

  • Personalised coaching calls for strategic and energetic mastery
  • Integration weeks for profound reflection and application
  • Unlimited daily* Voxer Coaching cause we’ve got your back! (*Mon-Thu)
  • Podcast Feature Opportunity, highlighting your business in an interview on a renowned podcast boasting over 22,000+ downloads (Value priceless) 
  • Evolve – 12 Week Mind, Body, Spirit program
  • Temple of Your higHERself™ Activation
  • Help you reach business freedom, flexibility, financial independence & fulfilment
  • Connect you to other women of business which may lead to collaborative offers grow your business for great success

I recently completed business coaching with Harmony, She help me find clarity and the right direction for my business. She broke everything down and gave me the steps I needed to do to get where I wanted to be. I highly recommend Harmony as a business coach she is knowledgeable, very supportive but also holds you accountable to achieve your goals.
– Michelle Meech

One To One

Business Mentorship

This is a 3-month mentorship where you will get 1:1 support & the full attention of myself as your business mentor. With my 1:1 offering, I will be 100% focused on your business in our sessions. This will allow me to understand where you are positioned & what you need to do to move forward and make a greater impact so that you & your business can up-level & GROW.

  • 1:1 Support to Grow your business for great success
  • Get clear on your vision, goals & intentions
  • Strategise a business plan so you will lead with a solid foundation
  • Become more visible & get more clients
  • Understand your ideal client so that you can direct your marketing in an authentic sellable way
  • Provide you with ongoing support, accountability & motivation
  • Help you reach business freedom, flexibility, financial independence & fulfilment
  • Connect you to other women of business which may lead to collaborative offers grow your business for great success

One to One

Clarity Intensive

The Clarity intensive is a 2-week package that will help you get clear on your vision, business goals and offerings. The Clarity intensive is broken down into 2 x 75 minutes consultations a fortnight apart & 2 weeks of voxer support so that you can implement the strategy we discuss at your first consultation with feedback along the way.

  • A clear vision with strategic goals
  • Defined offerings
  • Business strategy

helped me to grow my business step by step so that it did not feel overwhelming.

I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up but I immediately felt at home with Harmony. She helped me define my niche, something I had been struggling with for years, & helped me to grow my business step by step so that it did not feel overwhelming.
– Kate

The Harmony Inspired Health Difference

Harmony has completed studies in conscious business design and has successfully built multiple businesses in her time as an entrepreneur. Harmony is an experienced business mentor who has coached many women to great success.

Helps you build an ethical & conscious business

Provides Practical & easy to follow advice

Experienced business mentor who has created multiple successful businesses

Upfront & honest approach

Meet Your Coach

Harmony Robinson-Stagg

My Qualifications

  • Advanced Diploma Of Ayurvedic Medicine
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing)
  • Certified in conscious business design
  • Entrepreneur, multiple business owner
  • Qualified Pilates
  • Ayurvedic Psychology Certification ; Manual Lymphatic Drainage Certification
  • Registered with APRAH, My Health Association, member of Australasian Association of Ayurveda

My Story

There was a time when I lacked purpose, passion & fulfilment.

I was working shift work as a nurse, teaching yoga & pilates on the side, being a mother to twin boys and trying to build my 1st business.

The hustle was real, the exhaustion was evident and I was at breaking point. I wanted more freedom, flexibility, financial independence and fulfilment…. but I couldn’t keep going the way that I was.

I needed a clear vision, direction & strategy so that I could leave my shift work job & build the business of my dreams.

I knew I had something special to offer the world but I could not be of service to others & grow my business if I did not make some serious changes.

9 yrs later with extensive experience in the business world, 1000’s of dollars poured into business coaching and studying conscious business design I have built multiple successful businesses and coached many women to do the same without burning out in the process.

I exceeded the monthly revenue I was making as a nurse & yoga teacher combined. I have launched 5-figure programs and booked out my clinic weeks in advance. I have helped other women do the same, going from no clients to completely booked out.

I have found more freedom, flexibility, financial independence and fulfilment working for myself and love helping other women achieve the same.

I have invested many hours & dollars into learning conscious business design so I could help myself & others grow ethical and conscious businesses that offer purpose, connection and service.

I LOVE what I do and want to help YOU love what you do by showing you how to set your business up for success.

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Apply for the Business & Beyond Mentorship

Women in the business of health & wellness, are you attracting your dream clients? ​​​​​​​​ Are you going from strength to strength? ​​​​​​​​ Do you have raving fans because of the results you help your clients achieve? ​​​​​​​​

If so, that is AMAZING & I can help your business grow to even greater success. If not, it’s totally ok because I’ve got YOU! I am here to help you & your business so that you can answer YES to every one of the questions above. Apply for my Business & Beyond Mentorship today!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Business & Beyond mentorship program goes for 3 months from the date of your first consultation.

Whilst I will do everything I can as your mentor to support you in getting the desired results, I can not guarantee any results as results in business are multifactorial, including but not limited to the effort put in, the current marketplace, marketing strategy, time in business and execution of the things discussed in the coaching sessions.

However, I am positive that you & your business will find the mentorship more than worthwhile & a great experience that will move your business forward. We will discuss goals and desired results in the coaching session and strive to exceed them.

I am positive that you will LOVE the Business & Beyond mentorship, however, if for some reason you need to cancel please read the cancellation policy below: You may cancel your mentorship program within 5 days of the initial consultation, However, after this point in time, the contract is binding. If you decide to cancel within the first 5 days a $250 consultation fee will be deducted from the amount refunded.

You have 3 months from the date of your first consultation to use all of your coaching sessions. If you do not use them within the time frame, the remaining session/s will be forfeited. You may, however, roll them over to a new contract if you sign up for another three months

I would love to continue the mentorship with you! If you decide you would like to continue on the mentorship after three months you can enter another 3-month contract or my month to month option.

As part of the mentorship, you have access to me to ask any business-related questions via Voxer Monday – Thursday 9am – 4pm