Throughout my time being a Women’s Ayurveda & Integrative health practitioner, registered nurse, personal trainer & yoga teacher I have had many conversations with women about their health. 

After having thousands of conversations with different women, I have uncovered one of the biggest drivers of dis-ease. 

Now, remember that dis-ease is simply a state of imbalanced health… & the true meaning of health goes beyond the physical aspect. It encompasses the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and dharmic state of being. 

So, with that being said can you guess what one of the biggest drivers of dis-ease is?

If you said Lack of Purpose then you are correct!

Our purpose &/or Dharma is at the essence of who we are and if we feel that we are lacking purpose in life we inherently place strain on our mental, emotional & spiritual aspects of self. When these aspects are affected we tend to make poorer choices in life when it comes to nutrition, lifestyle and physical movement. Lack of purpose feeds feelings of low self-worth & low confidence which once again contributes to poor choice habits & internal stress…. which can lead to hormonal imbalances (a story for another newsletter). 

Your purpose can & will change throughout your life, heck it can change day by day or moment by moment…. so despite what social media may make you believe, you do not need to ‘find’ your purpose, you simply need to feel into in any given moment. Right now your purpose may be to give full attention to reading this email, and absorbing this information so that you can grow on a personal level. Being present with what you are doing at any given moment is being purposeful. 

But what about my ‘main purpose’ in this lifetime, my Dharma, what did I come here to achieve you may ask? 

Your Dharma can be “found” in the actions that you are already taking, the words that you are already speaking, and the ways in which you are already contributing. 

Dharma simply means the eternal & inherent nature of reality, a cosmic law of right behaviour & social order. 

Here are some questions that will help you discover how you are already living your Dharma:

1. What are your core values?

2. How you are contributing to the world (in small or big ways, any contribution is worthy), is it through being a kind/caring person, through your job, or raising wonderful kids?

3. What you are doing to live the right way? How are you honouring your highest self and the good for all?

4. What gives you the greatest sense of contentment (Santosha)?

5. What is your current life purpose? Are you expressing this through your career, self-study & self-development, family, relationships, and roles?

6. What brings you the most joy?

7. What is one step you can take to help you on your path of dharma?

Action = results

Harmony x x x

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