We have all been through a lot over the last two years, people are tired, everyone is wanting answers and the constant disruptions have severed our flow state.

It is no wonder that I have seen an increase in clients suffering from stress, fatigue, anxiety and burnout.

Stress & Anxiety… It’s a tough one. We know it doesn’t serve us but when you are in the midst of it, it can be hard to turn it on its head!

Life situations, hormonal imbalances and poor gut health all lead to increased feelings of stress & anxiety. We can’t always control our life situations & the external environment but we can work on balancing our internal environment & lifting our vibrations.

When I get all up in my head and consumed with the “to do” list my Vata & Pitta doshas go crazy and the stress & anxiety kicks in which eventually leads to burnout.

This accumulation of stress & anxiety does not make my days or future projection get easier, it only stripes me of my strengths.

When we find ourselves caught in the thick of it it can be hard to pull ourselves out…. hello adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalance and exacerbation of gut issues!

Here are some things I do & tips I give my clients to help them mitigate stress & anxiety when they are in the thick of it:

1. Change your focus – stress & anxiety keeps us in a “Tamasic” state of mind & a low vibrational state. Take 10 minutes to switch your focus to something that will switch your current state of mind. That might be removing yourself from your work for 5 minutes and taking five deep meaningful breaths and mentally listing 3 things that you are grateful for or the three people you love the most in this world. Embodying the feeling of gratitude & love will lift your vibration and help move you out of a stress response.

2. Move the energy by going for a walk in fresh air and sunshine. Vitamin D helps mitigate the stress response.

3. Do something FUN! This will shift you to a higher vibrational state in no time. I did this the other week when I was feeling blahh… I took my twin boys to white water world and had an absolute blast going on all the slides and letting myself fully enjoy the experience. I was so in the moment that I forgot all about the things I was worried about only a few hours earlier.

4. Micro meditations – When I have a really busy day with clients & different business activities that need to be done, I split my tasks up by doing a micro meditation in between. They might only last 3-5 minutes but they are are wonderful reset.

5. An evening guided mediation (I use the app insight timer) laying on your back with your legs up the wall. This stimulates the Vagus nerve and parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest).

6. Journal! Brain dump all of your thought and feelings in a journal. This helps to move the energy and clear your head.

7. A swim in the ocean, river or a nice shower. Water is soothing for the soul. A cold shower or dive in the cool ocean stimulates the vagus nerve.

8. Catch up with a friend who you know lifts your vibrational state. Sometimes we just need a good friend by our sides and a good belly laugh.

9. Yoga class. This allows me to remove myself from the external world and be truly with myself in the moment. The different asanas (postures) can release stagnant blocked energy that is causing tension in the body and mind.

10. Daily breathwork. You can not have a racing mind with a slow breath. Learning how to control your breath will help you to control your mind.

Practice deep slow breathing for 5 minutes every morning and notice how everything around you slows down. Our breath is a wonderful tool but it is unutilised. Learning breathwork has been a game-changer for me.

Out of the 10 tips above, which one will you implement this week to help mitigate your stress & anxiety?

Are you feeling burnout by stress & anxiety?

Are you suffering from a hormonal imbalance (you probably are if you have been in a period of chronic stress)?

Do you have digestive symptoms like gas, indigestion, bloating, loose stools or constipation?

Are your energy levels completely depleted?

If you have answered yes to any of the above I would love to help you in my Women’s Health Clinic (Online or in-person consultations available).

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