MindBody Reset Cleanse (In-person or *online via zoom calls)

Harmony Specialises in Women's Digestive Health, Hormonal Imbalances & Weight Management through Ayurveda & Integrated Health. Work 1:1 with Harmony in her 6-week MindBody Reset Cleanse Program.

This is a 6 week 1:1 program to help you HEAL your GUT, balance your HORMONES, cut the feeling of OVERWHELM & find your IDEAL body WEIGHT!

You will reset your mind-body back to its natural balanced state of health and vitality.

It takes approximately 6 weeks to turn positive change into a positive lifestyle HABIT. 

You will be gently guided, supported and kept accountable as you transform your mind-body through the principles of Ayurveda & Integrative Health. 

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This is for you if you want to:

~ Heal the gut & reduce symptoms; bloating, reflux, constipation, loose stools, discomfort, gas 

~ Balance your hormones 

~ Get to and maintain a healthy ideal weight

~ Reduce stress, anxiety & overwhelm

~ Feel "At Home" in your body

~ Increase your energy so you can thrive in life

~ Answers in regards to possible food intolerances &/or toxicity within the body 

~ Detox the body, Purify blood, Liver & other organs 

~ Glowing & vibrant skin 

~ A general health & wellness overhaul 

~ Have a wellness-related issue that needs more personalised attention 

~ Need more balance and clarity in your life

~ Your a busy women, perhaps in the health & wellness industry yourself, supporting others but lack support for yourself


We will explore:

~ The root cause of your symptoms 

~ Ayurveda Dosha Analysis

~ Nutritional guidance for your Mind-Body Type

~ Signs and symptoms of Dis-ease with in the body 

~ Lifestyle & Stress co-factors 

~ Healing habits & therapies 

~ Safely detox and cleanse the body to remove/reduce toxins (ama)

~ How to get to your ideal weight, increase energy, balance your hormones and reduce gut-related issues

~ Tools to cut the feeling of Overwhelm 

~ Food intolerance testing (optional)

~ Metal Toxicity testing (optional)

~ Nutritional item testing (optional)

~ Option to join us on RETREAT!


Example of Inclusions: (each program is customised for YOU as an individual):

~ Ayurvedic yoga RETREAT (this is an OPTION only with the Platinum Sister Program)

~ 1 x 60 min Ayurveda & Integrative Health Consultation

~ 2 x Follow up consultation's working on our individual strategy plan for health, wellness & personal development

~ 2 x  Ayurvedic Lymphatic Drainage massages 

~ 1 x Nasya & Facial Lymph Drainage massage

~ 1 x Food intolerance test, Metal toxicity test, Nutritional test (optional add on) 

~ Ayurvedic recipe eBook

~ Access to online yoga classes 

~ Access to our private FB group

~ Workbook Journal  

~ Accountability, support & guidance

~ Downloadable inspirational tools & eBooks

~ Life long skills that empower you to become your own health guru 

~ BONUS: Free online course for online clients: Intro to Ayurveda ~ Lifestyle medicine for the mind.body.soul

A cleanse that offers personalised cleansing protocols, weekly 1:1 consultations & eduction, Ayurvedic meal plans, lymphatic drainage massages, options for food & non-food item intolerance testing, workbook journal, Ayurvedic recipe eBook, accountability, support, online yoga & pilates classes.... it is sooooo much more than a cleanse. It is a lifestyle transformation. 

Click here to Book a 20 Minute Discovery Call to see if this program/cleanse is right for you!!! 

* For online clients we replace any physical in-person consultations with zoom video coaching calls. Online clients get BONUS access to the Intro to Ayurveda online course. To request more information please fill out our contact form and leave your contact phone number. 

Ayurvedic MindBody Reset Cleanse
1 hr

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