Aparigraha ~ is the Sanskrit word for non-attachment, non-possessiveness, non-greed.

One of the Yamas/ethical code for “right living” is Aparigraha.

I feel this is one of the Yamas that is proven to be a difficult conquest for the modern-day human.

For many reasons, including but not limited to being attached to our material processions, the need for more & keeping up appearances, attachment or even possessiveness over a “loved one”, greed (I mean look at the out of control toilet paper panic buying when covid hit), attachment to our identity – who we believe we are & what we do as a job.

But one of the most common pursuits in our modern world is the attachment to chasing lasting happiness…

As Buddha put it, all attachment leads to suffering.

Thus, the constant pursuit of happiness can lead to anxiety for some individuals.

Acceptance is the key…

accepting the present moment as it is,

Accepting the emotions that we feel,

Accepting the circumstances we are facing,

Then, once we can be in a place of acceptance, we can choose how to proceed & respond in faith, with compassion & a more clear understanding.

Start with acceptance, contentment, santosha and growth will prevail.

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Namaste, Love & Light

Harmony RS

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