Ayurveda Alchemist Academy

Learn how to implement Ayurveda in the modern world through my range of Online Ayurveda & Women’s Health courses. Improve your own health and wellness, or learn how to earn an income by helping others with their health as a certified Ayurveda Lifestyle & Wellness Coach.

Ayurveda Alchemist

Would you like to become a certified Ayurveda lifestyle & wellness coach? 

Would you love to increase your income, experience fulfilment from your work, and free up more time to do the things that light you up?

Become an accredited Ayurveda Lifestyle & Wellness Coach and learn how to not only transform your own life, but the lives of others.

IntRo To Ayurveda

Learn How To Apply Ayurveda in your own life & Healing Journey

This course will give you an introduction into the art of Ayurvedic Lifestyle medicine so that you can apply Ayurveda to your life & become your own healer & health guru.

You will discover & understand yourself on a deeper level.


An Ayurvedic Guide To Women’s Hormones, Gut Health & Weight Management

Understand how your body functions so that you can feel connected to self, confident & at home in your mind.body.soul. Banish bad moods, boost your metabolism & diminish the overwhelm.