Trigger Warning: This episode goes into Vanessa’s history of sexual abuse, domestic violence and eating disorders.  These topics may trigger unwanted feelings/emotions within you.  If you have or are experiencing any trauma yourself, we strongly advise that you seek professional guidance. (Please see link below for white ribbon website as mentioned by Vanessa)  Vanessa is a model, actress & blogger with a powerful message advocating for change in the way that women are letting comparison, self-doubt and body shame rule their life and take away their rights to a joyful life.  Vanessa is speaking her truth, being fierce and brave with her story about suffering from an eating disorder, sexual abuse and domestic violence so that she can help women, teens and young girls feel comfortable in their own body and stand in their own power.  I absolutely Love what Vanessa is doing, not only for our generation but also the younger ones. Her vulnerability and willingness to share her stories and raw unedited pictures over social media and in her blogs, has created such a positive movement to speak your truth, your whole truth, empower women to feel seen, completely seen – perceived flaws and all. She is empowering women to STOP body shaming themselves & instead, unite together to show the world the real & raw you.  I am so excited to introduce you to this power house of a women and share her story as well as how she is inspiring so many others to let down their guard and be themselves … finally feeling unashamed and free.   Vanessa is now studying to become a qualified councelor specialising in addictions, abuse and mindfulness therapies.   

You can find Vanessa at, FB: Gold Coast Musings, Instagram: @goldcoast_musings.  

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