There are so many myths about exercise & weight loss out there, amongst fad diets & the latest training methods… How do we know which ones are true or not? In this episode Ellice and I speak our truth and help debunk many myths out there on exercise and weight loss.  I first met Ellice when I was a nurse at the Emergency department and Ellice was a paramedic. We have gone on to become good friends and recently found ourselves working together once again… this time at one of the world’s leading health retreats. Ellice is the head trainer there & has a wealth of knowledge on exercise, functional movement, energy & health. She has a diploma in Fitness health & wellness, bachelor of science paramedic, represented Australia in 100m hurdles, she is an international mind & movement speaker and published author. Ellice is also the mother of a beautiful boy. We hope that you enjoy this episode and that some of your questions regarding the myths on exercise & weight loss are answered.  You can find Ellice at: 

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