Suzanne Culberg is an international mindset coach, speaker and author, who helps over-givers and people pleasers learn to say ‘No’ to others in a way that feels good, so that they can say ‘Yes’ to themselves. 

Suzanne’s book “The beginning is Shit – an unapologetic weight loss memoir” is a down-to-earth, real & heartfelt story of Suzzane’s weight loss journey from childhood to adulthood. It is funny, inspiring, sad and all the emotions in between. 

In this episode, Suzzane shares her story, her struggles and how setting boundaries is the key to success. 


  • The thing with boundaries, is, like, we let people get to know us and we get to know people and we realize we’re not making it mean anything. Like, if I say no to something, it doesn’t mean anything about how I think about you or whatever. It’s just like, that kind of thing doesn’t float my boat. And then through that, you have access to much more of your feelings and have them be energy in motion once more.
  • They’re a pair. You can’t have one without the other, like inhaling and exhaling. Eventually you would just pass out if you exhaled enough and didn’t breathe in. So when we over give, we over consume. 
  • I think the biggest hurdle is especially for women who are mothers, we parent all day. Like, we say yes or no to our children. Don’t touch that. Don’t eat that. That’s not safe, and whatever. And at the end of the day, that no muscle is exhausted and we haven’t done anything for ourselves. 
  • The physical health, it’s important, but you don’t know what’s going on with their mental and emotional health the way they speak to themselves. What they put themselves through to go onto those diets and what that the toll that takes time. She’s like going to start, this is going to be the day. I’m going to eat really healthy. Oh, no, I had a doughnut, the mental load of the way she spoke to herself and I’m like whether or not you release physical wise. 

Something to Ponder On

We can beat ourselves up for not reaching our health goals ,for not reaching our business goals, because we have kids, because partner down and so on and so forth and that’s just not a healthy nice environment living in. 

“They say life is lived forward, but it’s understood backwards.

No wonder we look for escapism in over consuming in some way so the mental emotional and spiritual energetic relationships that we have in forge and cultivate.

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