In this episode, we sit down with Meghna, an Ayurvedic Consultant & Pharmacist who has a passion for helping women overcome their acne concerns naturally and holistically. As the creator of Bliss by Balance, Meghna empowers her clients to achieve optimal health, vibrant skin, and a fulfilled life through Ayurvedic wisdom.

In this conversation, we cover the following topics:

  • The unique approach of Ayurveda compared to Western Medicine in promoting health and wellness, and the special benefits it offers.
  • The intriguing connection between gut health and skin, and how addressing gut health can positively impact skin conditions.
  • Meghna’s journey of overcoming acne through Ayurvedic principles, and the specific practices and remedies that were effective in improving her skin health and confidence.
  • How Meghna’s holistic approach, combining Ayurveda and gut health principles, helps her clients feel more confident in their skin and embrace a happier, more beautiful life.
  • Tailoring Ayurvedic recommendations to suit each individual’s unique needs, considering factors like dosha imbalances and specific skin concerns.
  • How Meghna’s background as a qualified pharmacist complements her Ayurvedic practice, bringing unique insights to her clients through this combination of expertise.
  • Examples of how Ayurvedic principles not only improve skin health but also positively influence other aspects of her client’s lives, contributing to overall well-being.
  • Meghna’s vision for incorporating Vedic astrology into her Ayurvedic practice and how this combination enhances her ability to support her clients on their health journeys.
  • Empowering advice for women who feel insecure due to acne concerns, and how they can begin exploring Ayurvedic practices to embrace a more natural and holistic approach to achieving skin health and self-confidence.

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