In this episode, you will hear from two of the Ayurveda Alchemist Graduates & what they are doing now that they have graduated.

They explain how they have merged Ayurveda into their business for more holistic results and bigger transformations.

1. Student Success Story – Carla Kaine integrated Ayurveda into her Kinesiology business to build more unique Authority in her field.

2. Student Success Story – Jacqui Colli left her corporate career as a financial advisor to become a Women’s Wellness & Nutrition Coach.

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  • It’s time to step up. It’s time to share your gifts. Don’t limit yourself like you have to give some passion for sharing your own journey of health and healing.
  • Iron your gifts and your magic. You are too strong to go through moments. Work on strengthening your inner self and reconnect.
  • Everything that scares you, you have to face them and when you do one by one, you feel so much more confident and strong with yourself.
  • Every level of you, where you elevate, a new thing comes up.
  • Follow your dreams and your passion.
  • Create the impact and connect to your higher purpose through your business. 

Something to Ponder On

 Believe in yourself. Believe in your magic and believe in your talents. The world needs that more than ever, especially as healing and make a plan. Make a simple plan. Don’t try and figure it all out. Just like one step at a time and and have some other sources.”

Make sure to look at and at how far you are. You’re like here, but you think you need to be there. If you forget to be here, right here, right now, it’s something that we need to appreciate.”

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