Adreinne Hornby is a health & wellbeing consultant who specialises in life & career burnout. She is a qualified primary school teacher with a degree in education, a certified integrative nutrition coach and is currently studying her master’s in educational leadership.

As you can tell from this brief intro Adreinne is a high achiever, within just 4 years out of uni she climbed to an executive position, earning top dollar…. But she wasn’t happy, she hit burnout & was on the verge of a breakdown.

Lucky for Adrienne she put her health first and recovered from the burnout but could see many colleagues of hers still stuck in the rut of burnout.

So how did she breakthrough burnout? We are about to find out.

In this episode we discuss:

1. The early signs of burnout

2. How to overcome burnout

3. How burnout can affect your overall health including your gut & hormones

4. Nutrition for burnout

5. Nutritional & herbal supplements that can help with adrenal fatigue

6. How Ayurveda treats burnout

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