Join us for an enlightening journey into the cosmic realms with Ritika Flow, a Master Sattva teacher, Vedic Astrologer, and profound practitioner of ancient Tantric arts. In this episode, we explore the profound insights offered by Vedic Jyotish Astrology, shedding light on life’s mysteries and empowering individuals to navigate their paths with clarity and purpose. 

Key Topics Covered: – Understanding Vedic Jyotish Astrology and its distinctions from Western astrology. – Exploring the concept of destiny and how astrology aids in self-empowerment. – Blending ancient Vedic wisdom with modern life challenges in astrological guidance. – Real-life examples of profound insights and transformations facilitated by Vedic astrology. – Balancing between forecasting future possibilities and fostering free will. – The significance of the Moon in Vedic astrology and its impact on emotions and daily life. – Using astrological charts for informed decisions in career, relationships, and personal development. 

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