Trigger warning – this episode contains sensitive topics that may trigger some listeners as we talk about organised religion and cults. If this is a sensitive topic for you then perhaps this is not the right podcast at this time. If you feel triggered after listening to this, we suggest you seek support from a professional councillor.

Katie Spiller is one courageous beautiful woman who has escaped an organised religious cult, one she was born into, and through sharing her story and building a safe community, Wild Women Free, she is helping other women transition into the “afterlife” of escaping an organised religious cult.

In this episode we discuss:

1. Katies story and what it was like growing up in an organised religious cult

2. Why she left

3. Why people stay or find it hard to leave

4. Addressing judgmental comments about cults

5. How to muster up the courage

6. Signs and tactics of cult leaders

7. How she supports women through the transition of being a member to escaping 

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