We dive deep into the world of wealth creation with the incredible Kristen Wonch. From overcoming $100,000 in debt to becoming a global money coach, Kristen shares her transformative journey and insights on how to retire 5-10 years earlier and double your income faster. Discover the connection between wealth and health, and unlock the secrets of Kristen’s Money Mastery Method, designed to help women master the art of earning efficiently, spending smart, and investing intentionally.

With her wealth of experience and expertise, Kristen reveals powerful strategies for overcoming limiting beliefs and achieving financial freedom from anywhere in the world. Tune in as we uncover the keys to financial success and personal empowerment with Kristen Wonch.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Kristen’s journey from $100,000 in debt to global money coach
  • The Money Mastery Method: Mastering earning, spending, and investing
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs and dissolving money blocks
  • The connection between wealth and health
  • Insights from “The Wealth Equation” podcast: Lessons from successful female entrepreneurs

Connect with Kristen:

Website: ⁠https://www.kristenwonch.com⁠

Instagram: ⁠https://www.instagram.com/kristenwonch.xox/’⁠

What to do with your next $100k:


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