Today we dive into Ayurveda’s approach to clean beauty with Amayra, a former corporate climber turned Ayurvedic skincare guide. Discover how she connected her health challenges to the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and now empowers millennial women to achieve radiant holistic beauty.

Episode Highlights:

  • Connecting Health Challenges with Ayurveda: Amayra shares her journey of discovering Ayurveda’s transformative power and its connection to her health challenges.
  • Ayurvedic Perspective of Beauty: Exploring the essence of beauty through the lens of Ayurveda and understanding its unique approach.
  • The Doshas and Skin Issues: Insights into common skin issues specific to each dosha in Ayurveda and how they manifest.
  • Living Low-Tox: Understanding the importance of mindful ingredient selection in skincare and beauty products.
  • Toxic Ingredients to Avoid: Highlighting three toxic ingredients individuals should be cautious about in skincare and beauty products.
  • Ayurveda and Clean Beauty: Discussing Ayurveda’s role in promoting clean beauty and its distinctions from mainstream skincare approaches.
  • Kitchen as Pharmacy: Learning how to leverage kitchen ingredients for skincare and overall well-being.
  • Mind-Body-Soul Connection: Understanding how Ayurveda’s holistic approach contributes to achieving glowing beauty from within.
  • Success Stories: Amayra shares inspiring stories of women who achieved healthy, glowing skin and radiant holistic beauty through Ayurvedic practices.
  • Embracing Ayurvedic Principles: Practical lifestyle changes recommended by Amayra for enhancing skin health and natural beauty through Ayurvedic principles.

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