In this episode, I was interviewed for a masterclass by Bec Felman from ‘The Red Tent’ on all things Hormones, Mindset, Purpose, Career Transition, Navigating Motherhood as an entrepreneur and so much more!

We loved this conversation so much that we wanted to share it here on my podcast too.

The Red Tent unites women in business who are passionate about supporting mental, spiritual and physical health. Our membership brings together-like-minded women who are at the forefront of driving positive change in the world by supporting the community’s mental, spiritual and physical health. Our members work in a range of modalities including but not limited to; counselling, social work, psychology, dietetics, nutrition, spiritual wellness, naturopathy, education, physiotherapy, birth doulas, hypnotherapy and more! The Red Tent membership and community includes networking opportunities, business development trainings, retreats, events and more! Supporting, encouraging and improving the lives of women in business is a deep passion and driving factor of The Red Tent.

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