In this episode, we have the pleasure of sitting down with Emma Windle, a former corporate accountant who courageously embarked on a transformative journey, transitioning into a successful yoga studio owner, retreat host, Ayurveda Health Coach, and recently appointed Lululemon ambassador – all within an inspiring 12-month period.

Episode Highlights: In this insightful conversation, Emma shares her incredible story and offers valuable wisdom on how to create the life you desire. Get ready to delve into:

  • Emma’s remarkable journey from the corporate world to a fulfilling career in the wellness industry.
  • The pivotal role of the Ayurveda Alchemist program in shaping Emma’s life transformation.
  • Overcoming self-doubt and fear to pursue one’s passions and dreams.
  • Navigating challenges and maintaining resilience on the path to creating a life of purpose and fulfilment.
  • The profound influence of Ayurveda and yoga practices on Emma’s mindset and approach to life.
  • Staying true to oneself amidst external influences and societal expectations.
  • The importance of setting meaningful goals and intentions to shape your dream life.
  • Prioritising self-care and well-being while juggling multiple roles and responsibilities.
  • Integrating Ayurvedic principles into daily life for a holistic and balanced approach.
  • Staying motivated and embracing change on the journey towards your desired life.
  • Strategies for exploring passions and desires to find a fulfilling path.
  • Emma’s inspiring advice and wisdom for listeners seeking to create the life they truly desire.

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