If I’m So Spiritual, Why Am I Still So Anxious? with Joy Stone

This episode is deep, and next-level thought-provoking!

Joy Stone is a Nashville-based soul connection coach, bestselling author, and expert in yoga psychology and positive psychology.

  • Discussion Points:
  1. Book Purpose: Insights into why Joy wrote her book and the target audience.
  2. Challenges Despite Information: Addressing why many individuals, especially women, still struggle despite access to abundant information and tools.
  3. Tips for Struggling Women: Tipa for self-aware, high-achieving women secretly dealing with anxiety or self-doubt.
  4. Common Mistakes: Identifying the biggest mistake people make when seeking more self-belief, inner peace, or self-trust.
  5. Intersection of Positive and Yoga Psychology: How positive psychology and yoga psychology intersect in Joy’s coaching approach.

6. Stepping into Power: Defining personal power and practical steps listeners can take to cultivate and harness their inner strength.

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