Sera has been a lifetime student and an accomplished teacher of Yoga and Ayurveda. Her studies and experiences in the realms of Yoga, Mantra, and Ayurveda have allowed her to be a dynamic teacher and facilitator of the modern age and Sara’s very passionate about providing you with the foundational teachings.

This is Sera’s second appearance on the podcast, we wanted to deliver you a conversation around modernising Ayurveda and what this really means. We also wanted to bust myths about what Ayurveda is and what it isn’t. 


  • Modernising Ayurveda and protecting its potency is really just about understanding the intention of Ayurveda classically and then doing it in the modern world.
  • Our world is going to evolve. There’s going to be new science, there’s going to be new practitioners coming through, and although the root of what Ayurveda is will never change, there’s still more. Ayurveda is the study and science of life and longevity.
  • Removing those things that aren’t working will allow you to create more space for yourself to implement things that will support you.
  • Changing lifestyle habits and diet, yes, at first, any change is difficult because you’re adapting to a new way of being and a new way of living. But also remember, you’re taking out a whole lot of crap that doesn’t need to be there, which is creating a space for this new way of being and living.
  • Doshas have a huge stake in Ayurveda from the general practice.
  • Ayurveda is like a way of living. It’s not like a diet. It’s not a cleanse. It’s not even a quick fix even though it can fix things quickly.

Something to Ponder On

“How do we weave Ayurvedic knowledge into modern medicine?”

“Is Ayurveda losing its potency in today’s modern world?”

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