{Evolution to your higHERself™ Edition}

Welcome to our NEW Bonus Series: The Evolution of Your higHERself™ with Melissa Alves & Harmony Robinson-Stagg.

As an Ayurveda & Women’s Health Practitioner and a Trauma-Informed Life Coach, we bring a unique blend of expertise and personal experiences to guide you on this transformative journey.

In this episode, we dive deep into the transformative journey of self-compassion, exploring how the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and trauma-informed practices can guide us towards profound healing and inner growth.


  • Discover the vital role of self-compassion in both Ayurveda and trauma recovery.
  • Hear personal insights as we share an illustrative example of how these practices have nurtured self-compassion on a meaningful journey.

Ayurvedic Understanding of Self-Compassion:

  • Uncover the heart of Ayurveda, where self-love, acceptance, and holistic well-being intertwine.
  • Explore real-life experiences that highlight Ayurvedic principles as pathways to self-compassion and transformative healing.

Trauma-Informed Techniques for Cultivating Self-Compassion:

  • Delve into the profound connection between past trauma, self-compassion, and self-worth.
  • Engage with relatable stories that showcase the power of trauma-informed techniques in rewriting self-critical narratives and fostering deep healing.

Unleashing the Healing Power of Self-Acceptance:Embrace the significance of self-acceptance as a catalyst for Ayurvedic well-being and trauma recovery.

Hear personal accounts of how self-acceptance and Ayurveda intertwine, offering a transformative path to inner growth and emotional healing.

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