Welcome to our NEW Bonus Series: The Evolution of Your higHERself™ with Melissa Alves & Harmony Robinson-Stagg

In this episode, we explore the profound connection between purpose and prosperity and delve into Ayurveda’s transformative role in aligning with your true calling. Melissa reveals the secrets of aligning energy with goals, while Harmony sheds light on Ayurveda’s support in connecting to self-belief and awakening purpose. Uncover the link between overcoming trauma and discovering your life’s purpose, and learn how Ayurvedic principles guide not only well-being but also the manifestation of prosperity.

What we cover:

– Melissa’s insights on aligning energy with goals and practical practices for manifestation.

– Harmony explains Ayurveda’s role in connecting individuals to their self-belief and awakening purpose.

– The interplay between Ayurvedic principles, purpose, and manifesting a prosperous life. – Melissa’s response to overcoming past traumas and their contribution to discovering one’s true purpose.

– Harmony shares an Ayurvedic approach to prosperity, illustrating with insights and stories. – Practical tips and practices for aligning energy, connecting with self-belief, and overcoming trauma.

– The profound connection between life’s challenges, soul lessons, and realising one’s purpose.

– Integrating Ayurvedic wisdom into daily life for holistic success and prosperity.

– Closing thoughts on the transformative power of aligning purpose and prosperity.

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