According to the classical Ayurvedic text, there are 4 goals of life:

Dharma: (Right living/service)
Moksha: (Enlightenment)

Kama: (sensory pleasure)
Artha: (prosperity/material wealth)

Become an Ayurvedic Alchemist:

AYURVEDA ALCHEMIST®️ is for those women who are ready to get started with a career in Ayurveda, to have more income, more fulfilment and more time to do the things that light you up.

The 6 months Ayurveda Alchemist®️ PROGRAM consists of:

1. 10 X live lectures

2. Fortnight additional live Q&A Support to keep you going

3. Daily support inside of the VIP Facebook Community

4. 3 Guest Experts to help enhance your learning and help position your new business for success.

5. Workbook & slides for the visual learners

6. Community connection with other soulpreneurs

7. My Vedic cleanse recipe book full of recipes that you can share with your clients.

8. A framework to build a soulful business

9. Priceless personal development & mentorship

10. An online portal that can be downloaded as an app so you can take your course with you in your pocket!

11. Rose Gold VIP gets a 40-minute coaching call with Harmony

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