Meena Ruchi is an Akashic record reader who helps young professionals get unstuck and reconnect to their gifts so they can live with more clarity and contentment!

In this episode we discuss:

– What are Akashic records

– How do you access Akashic records

– The purpose of Akashic records in your life 

– Misconceptions about Akashic records 

– Transformations through Akashic records 


  • Why am I here takes on a new turn? I could just feel it deep in my being, like what are there, is so much potential on this path and it felt like such a relief and it was so uplifting. It was such a game changer in that moment and I could hear the record saying we’ve been waiting for you to ask so it was only one I asked the question that I got the inside I was speaking so that’s kind of how I arrived. 
  • You can ask questions and like mysteriously inside my purpose is I didn’t think it would work because it sounds kind of like a joke and I was totally blown away when it actually worked.
  • You have the power to choose for yourself. They are you about how you are you’re feeling so it’s not to give away your power even asking the question where you are? It’s just that different pathways might feel and look a little different and it depends on how you want to receive.
  • Some people describe the akashic records as a subtle energetic imprints of everything that ever happened, everything that is currently happening, and everything that could possibly happen in the future. 
  • What do is I focus on intentions and affirmations on different mantras.

Something to Ponder On

“It’s not about predicting the future. It’s about illuminating your options and really connecting you to your potential career by reminding you of your inherent potential and exploring the different pathways that vibrates the most I guess intensely with your own potential that’s how to keep ourselves in a while. I think that’s the biggest misconception and style, you know we’re trying to predict the future.”

“It’s a total create, so it’s like having a fuel into the different vibration of the timelines instead of knowing exactly what happened.”

“What are the possibilities, you know, continuing with this work that I’m doing and what they showed me and again they’re like a little bit more implanted with me, then they are with them, but they showed me.” 

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