In this powerful podcast episode, join host Harmony Robinson-Stagg as she sits down with the incredible Sheena Yap Chan, renowned keynote speaker, podcaster, consultant, and author of self-confidence. Together, they delve into the depths of self-assurance and explore the profound impact of cultural taboos, racism, and shaming on our self-confidence. This thought-provoking conversation shines a light on the stereotypes that plague our society and hinder our ability to embrace our authentic selves.

Key Topics Discussed:

– Cultural taboos: Understanding how cultural norms can create low self-confidence – Racism and shaming: The detrimental effects on personal confidence and self-worth

– Stereotyping: Unraveling the impact of societal stereotypes on individuals – Gender gap: Exploring the disparities in self-confidence between men and women

– The three-step formula: Practical strategies for building and sustaining self-confidence Join Harmony and Sheena Yap Chan as they uncover the barriers that hold us back and offer practical strategies for awakening the leader within.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking to break free from societal limitations and embrace their true potential.

Sheena Yap Chen:

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