Meet TALi Health’s CEO, and Chief Medical Officer, Dr Mary Beth Brinson.

The former Vice President of Global Clinical Affairs, with medical devices leader Cochlear Limited, Dr Mary Beth is now leading TALi Health towards pioneering a new digital solution to safely and effectively address one of the world’s most common neurological issues – inattention.

TALi Health is a pioneering Australian therapeutic technology company founded on 25 years of research in developmental psychology and TALi is quickly changing the world!

TALi has developed a game-like app that can diagnose (TALi DETECT), and train (TALi TRAIN), young children with attention difficulties.

In this episode, we talk about:

– The difference between inattention, ADHD & autism in children. 

– Why is there an increase in adult “onset” ADHD diagnosis

– The difference between hyperattention and inattention 

– The science behind ADHD

– Tali Health’s new digital solution to inattention & ADHD in children


  • Medical professionals saying help me help me help me here. It’s really disruptive to our family life. It’s really disruptive in school and exclusion.
  • We just consider ourselves an extension and it helps a parent remember sitting there with the child, for 5-⁠year old can’t do it on their own and they can I get to go through the levels with the child. They can see where the child gets. You know their struggles are real. In an incident that occurred is this parental interaction, a real therapeutic level, and that is beneficial for the whole ecosystem wonderful with the process by. 
  • I do think that the focus on ADHD and the research in the dollars from governments will lead us to a better understanding of it.
  • If there’s a parent listening to podcast and they feel that their child has intention one day then go to the general practitioner and get referred to the Tali Health.

Something to Ponder On

“Do you have a collaborative approach, does it fly out for a child process?”

“Is there really that much ADHD out there? Is it just being over diagnosed now?”

You can’t see them broken leg . It is easy to see an x-⁠ray. Everybody can look at that well. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be on developmental issues. You know they’re coming at the cellular level in the brain. It is structuring after birth.

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