Kyra is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and owner of Ayurveda Oasis, a boutique Ayurvedic wellness clinic based on the sunshine coast in Australia.

Her mission is to help relieve suffering and uplift her community with mind-body therapies, massage and Ayurveda.

In this episode, we discuss the different types of Ayurvedic body therapies and their benefits as well as how you can apply the principles to self-practice at home. 


  • Literally at any moment, like just with a new breath, it doesn’t even have to be the next day, it can be just the literal next moment, you can check in with yourself and just reset.
  • Vedic treatments intend to harmonise all parts of self so that the individual can return to that flow state and that sense of wholeness and contentment within themselves.
  • The perfect intentional touch with the correct medium, whether that’s an oil or a herb can do wonders to direct the free flow of subtle energy prana chi, to regulate the nervous system, relieve pain to nourish the body tissues, like the skin and the joints, and so in this way, like a good Ayurvedic treatment, it should leave you feeling relaxed, relieved, refreshed and nourished.
  • Imbalance occurs when the doshas become excessive by means of unsuitable lifestyle and diet, meaning their qualities are increased within the body and mind to a point where their functioning becomes disturbed, which can lead to armour buildup and blockages in the channels.
  • Imbalance in Vata is the cause of most diseases it can present as like overwhelm and migrating pains, excess Pitta can result in inflammation and irritation and excess Kapha commonly leads to like congestion, lethargy or depression.
  • Because of the pressures of modern living, which is you know, fast-paced and overstimulated stressful lack of sleep, I find that most people require vital balancing. First, they need to slow down, get out of fight and flight mode and into rest and digest.

Something to Ponder On

“None of us are perfect. Our doshas are somewhat disturbed, our minds not totally tamed, our life choices not perfect, yet, we’re doing the best, we know how so far. And I love that like, having compassion for others, and for ourselves is so important.”

“Be there for others, but never leave yourself behind.”

“I think when you’re passionate about something, in the moment you really present when you’re feeling that passion and that love for something, that’s a good sign that you’re on track.”

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