Lyndal Benadretti is a qualified nutritionist, yoga teacher & founder of Clarity Cleanse retreats. Lyndal has a wealth of knowledge on all things nutrition & liver love’n, but I believe her gift is in the way she can deliver her teachings.  She has a real knack for explaining things in an easy to understand way as well as delighting us with her awesome sense of humour.  Lyndal talk’s about liver health and why it is so important in our modern-day lifestyles. She also loves to chat about coffee enemas (yep that is coffee up your bottom) as well as how Liver health, hormones and digestion go hand in hand. So please listen up because we can all do with some liver love’n … no matter how healthy you perceive your lifestyle to be! You can find Lyndal: Instagram: @lyndal_yoganut Website: Her Yoga Classes: My Health Yoga  

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