Women, Why Compete When We Can Collaborate?

Women, Why Compete When You Can Collaborate?

Jan 23, 2017

Why compete when we can collaborate?

I personally, am thrilled to see a movement of women empowering women, the #girlboss unity, female entrepreneurs, mumpreneurs and ladies all over the world sharing their inspiring stories of "how they made it", their health and fitness journeys and their passion for life.

Its a far cry from the days of women competing against each other in every single form - from who has the latest designer handbag to who has the best abs! I'm not saying that this does not still take place but over the last year I have seen just as much support and love going around! And to those who still behave in this competitive and un supportive behavior please realize that there is enough success and happiness to go around for EVERYONE so jump on board the movement - you will be surprised at the wonderful friends you make and women you meet!

Unfortunately, we do come across some women & men who continue to compete and compare with everyone they come across, there is part of our human nature that some of us find hard to tame. When we learn to tame our fears and our mindset that gets us comparing ourselves to other constantly we awaking our soul and ask ourselves "Why compete when we can collaborate?". We all know that the power of unity is much stronger then when we stand alone!

I am not suggesting that all competition is horrid, I believe a little "Healthy" competition is fine as long as it is inspiring you to be the happiest, healthiest and most mindful version of yourself. Be true to you and all of those around you.

As women when we let go of the idea that we are all in competition with one another - whether that be to be "the best mum", "finest fitness star" or biggest "socialite & Instagram star" - and instead look at ways in which we can inspire one another and help each other, we find our true feminine essence and reciprocated support and friendships.

Lifting others spirits higher also raises your own X

Try these simple steps to stop competing and start collaborating with your fellow sisters:

1. Next time you see positive change in someone let them know! That girl who has lost a dress size and is showing their before and after photos is not being a "show pony", she may simply be proud of all the hard work, determination & dedication that she put into her new lifestyle over the last 6 months!

2. Mumpreneurs and entrepreneurs come together, network and support each other. Work together and collaborating can give you many business leads and lasting friendships

3. Buy local and support the "New Start Ups" as this is supporting their dreams and one day you may have a dream that the world will get behind and support.

4. Be grateful for your friends! Let them know, encourage them to pursue their dreams that they always talk about. Listen to them with a compassionate ear.

5. When your friend or colleague gets a new job or promotion congratulate them! And mean it! This may mean the world to them & chances are they have worked their butt of to get it without you even realizing. Don't let yourself get jealous as your day will come when you stop competing with everyone else and focus on your own dreams, goals and ambitions. The natural flow of success will follow!

6. When you believe that "other girl" is beautiful in so many ways and you start comparing yourself to her, don't feel bitter towards them as this is only going to fuel jealousy. You do not know what journey she is on or how "beautiful" she actually feels on the inside. So instead, admire her external beauty, send her kind thoughts and feel the love and beauty of your thoughts resonate within yourself. A beautiful soul will always make you glow.

7. Accept help when you need it, don't be too proud! The struggle is real for all of us at some point in our lives and we should be honored that their are genuine people who care. So rather then trying to be super women who never needs a helping hand, accept it as I am sure the help will be reciprocated one day.

8. Its great to have fire in your soul but at certain times it is important to contain it or you will get burnt! Don't get involved in speaking poorly about your fellow sisters. Our words always find a way of getting back to us so speak kindly, show compassion and understanding and those gestures will come straight back at you!

Be truly you and inspire a positive change in the world! Join the sisterhood movement.

Harmony x x x


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