Harness the ancient beauty secrets of Ayurvedic garshana (dry brush) massage, with Original raw silk garshana gloves!

Perfect for the face and body.

Use them for;

Self massagfe & Lymphatic drainage

Healthy glowing skin

Reduce cellulite

Remove toxins

Increase circulation

Exfoliate dead skin.

Silk is used extensively in the beauty and medical industry because of its ability to rejuvenate cells and has been used with much success in healing skin issues such as psoriasis, eczema, scar tissue regeneration, wrinkle reduction and many more skin issues.

Garshana gloves are a wonderful way to open pores for healthy toxin elimination and bringing out your skins natural luminosity.

To use simply put garshana gloves on and begin rubbing in circular motion from the tips of your toes on up, rubbing towards your heart.

For use on your face always start from the center and move outwards.

When using these gloves you are performing lymphatic massage which aides the body in removing toxins from the system, including fatty deposits that create cellulite. You are also stimulating circulation which removes toxins from the blood and aides in healthy skin glow.


Garshana Silk Gloves - Lymphatic Drainage & Body Massage


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