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This is a 12 week 1:1 program to help you HEAL your GUT, balance your HORMONES, cut the feeling of OVERWHELM & get to your IDEAL body WEIGHT!

You will reset your mind-body back to it's natural balanced state of health and vitality.

It takes approximatley 12 weeks to turn positive change into a positive lifestyle HABIT. 

You will be gently guided, supported and kept accountable as you transform your mind-body through the principles of Ayurveda & Integrative Health. 


You will also get a 2 night 'Ayurvedic MindBody Reset' RETREAT as part of the program!!!! (Platinum Program) 


This is for you if you want to:

~ Heal the gut & reduce symptoms; bloating, reflux, constipation, loose stools, discomfort, gas 

~ Want to reduce stress, anxiety & overwhelm

~ Would like to get to and maintain your healthy ideal weight

~ Want to feel "At Home" in your body

~ Balance your hormones 

~ Would love to increase your energy so you can thrive in life

~ Want answers in regards to possible food intolerances &/or toxicity within the body 

~ Detox the body, Purify blood and Liver

~ Want glowing & vibrant skin 

~ Need a general health & wellness overhaul 

~ Have a wellness related issue that needs more personalised attention 

~ Need more balance and clarity in your life


We will explore:

~ The root cause of your symptoms 

~ Food intolerance testing 

~ Metal Toxicity testing

~ Nutritional item testing

~ Ayurveda Dosha Analysis

~ Nutritional guidance for your Mind-Body type

~ Signs and symptoms of Dis-ease with in the body 

~ Lifestyle & Stress co-factors 

~ Healing habits & therapies 

~ Safely detox and cleanse the body to remove/reduce toxins (ama)

~ How to get to your ideal weight, increase energy and reduce gut related issues

~ Tools to cut the feeling of Overwhelm 

~ The option to join us for 2 nights on the Ayurvedic MindBody Reset Retreat


Example of Inclusions: (each program is customised for YOU as an individual)

~ 2 night Luxury Ayurvedic MindBody Reset Retreat on the Gold Coast 

~ 1 x 60 min Ayurveda & Integrative Health Consultation

~ 1 x Food intolerance test

~ 1 x Metal toxicity test

~ 1 x Nutritional test 

~ 5 x Follow up consultation's working on our individual strategy plan for health, welness & personal development

~ 3 x Ayurvedic Lymphatic Drainage Massages

~ 1 x Private yoga, meditation or Pilates class 

~ Access to online yoga classes 

~ Access to my private FB group 

~ Accountability, support & guidance

~ Downloadable inspirational tools

~ Life long skills that empower you to become your own health guru 


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Ayurvedic Mind~Body Reset Program (Cleanse)

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