I posted the pic on my Facebook Fitness page which sparked some interest. I love sharing healthy & easy recipes packed with a rainbow of veggies that nourish every cell in your body! www.facebook.com/harmony.inspired.fitness

There is no “label” given for the type of diet that I eat, I believe in good nourishing nutrition that serves the body, mind and soul. I do like to eat plant based foods and try to practice mindful eating. So on this particular day, hubby said he would cook and asked what I felt like for dinner when I got home from work. I replied with a “wholesome Vegetarian dish” 🙂

He was a bit put off the idea of cooking a vegetarian dish for me as these are usually my specialty but he came up with the goods and here is his recipe for his:

Roast Pumpkin and Tofu Cauliflower Pizza

Pizza Base:

Grate 1 cauliflower and place in a mixing bowel

Add 3x Eggs, salt, pepper, fresh basil (or DoTerra basil essential oil 2 drops), 2-3 table spoons of coconut flour, clove of diced garlic. (You can add cheese instead of egg into the base to make it stick nicely when cooked, however this is a dairy free recipe)

Mix ingredients together then place on a greased flat baking try, spread it evenly and mold it flat with your fingers in a circular shape. Cook the base for around 20 mins on 180 degrees or until crisp.


Tomato Paste or pasta sauce (optional – we did not use)

Roasted Pumpkin


Cherry tomatoes

Fresh basil leaves

Tofu marinated with Tamari


Red Onion

Put the Pizza back into the oven and heat for a further 10 mins.

TIP: Make the Pizza base a little thicker so it is easier to slice up and serve.

Harmony X X X

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