Thank you so much for your guidance. You have helped me in so many ways with your insight into the Ayurvedic lifestyle.

~ Sam  

Absolutley LOVED Harmony's class this morning! It was simply the best

Within the 1st week of Harmony's Ayurvedic MindBody Reset Cleanse I lost 1.5kg and my bloating was gone!

~ Gina 

It was seriously incredible. Couldn't find one face without a smile at the end.

~ Lisa 

I just wanted to send a message to say thanks for being such an amazing Pilates Instructor! I only started my pilates Journey 6 weeks ago & have absolutely fallen in love with it. Your Thursday morning class at Hype is the start of my self care for my day off!! It sets me up in the best mood :) so thank you for being an awesome Human and for making us all work super hard every week! x x 

~ Louise 

Harmony's Pilates class is wonderful! Great music & lovely energy :) 

~ Member Feedback 

Thank you for another inspiring masterful & centered yoga practice. X 

~ Marna

This morning I was broken, I was teary, my heart was aching, I was angry. After having you guide me through a 1hr class I was grounded, stable, safe, all a reflection of what my heart and body needed. You challenge us without going beyond safe limits, again a reflection of how we need to view our constant challenges, we need to keep them witin limits. When we slipped into our rest at the end of class I let tears roll quietly & I was free. Free to come back to me with love & I left with forgiveness in my heart! All in your 1 hr class! 

~ Melissa 

I just wanted to tell you that last Saturday I tried yoga for the first time in your class. I can honestly say that your class totally changed me. I left that day floating on air & so happy. The class was so perfect for me, your cues were easy to follow and your meditation just put a big smile on my face. 

~ Floating Lotus Student 

Despite being in different countries, Harmony’s energy immediately made me feel comfortable and within minutes I knew I could trust her with my health goals. Harmony’s passion for optimising people’s health and well-being comes out in every interaction we have. From 1-1 sessions to her willingness to share her knowledge on social media.

She is someone that truly loves seeing progress in her clients and celebrates the small wins along the way.

If you are committed to making long lasting positive change in your life then Harmony is the girl to positively encourage and inspire you to reaching your goals. She’s awesome!

~ Anna

I did the 12 week Ayurvedic Cleanse with Harmony and would recommend it to anyone looking for permanent life-changing results. Harmony is such a great motivator, full of wisdom, and gives the best lymphatic drainage massage! The 12 weeks seemed like such a long time at first, but in the true way of Ayurveda I can see how both health and healing take time. This was no fad diet, just good old ancient knowledge tied in with modern concepts to help bring permanent health and balance. And I never felt hungry! I would recommend this to anyone.

~ Nicole 

For at least two year's I was left feeling super confused because I thought I was doing everything right. I considered myself healthy, I exercised, I ate really wholesome foods and had my toolkit full of tips and tricks to decrease stress and feel good. For some reason though, I never quite felt in balance, or like "myself". When I moved from Ireland to Australia I think my body found it hard to adjust, the foods were different from what I was used to and my skin and hair just were not playing nice. 

Following my consultation with Harmony, a few things just started to make sense. The idea that although I'm eating a healthy plant-based diet, certain foods just weren't suited to me and my constitution. Harmony took her time as she chatted with me, made me feel at ease about asking questions and understanding it all further, and gave me so much information for me to head off and complete a 4-week detox - which by no means involved starving myself to re-set everything. It consisted of wholesome foods and organic supplements and a couple of rituals to incorporate into my routine to bring my body back into balance. Through testing, she identified my intolerances, which were easy to rid from my diet for the 4 weeks and she continued to check in to see how I was going over that period of time. 

Thinking back, her knowledge and recommendations were a total blessing and it's almost as if the 4-week detox reflected the nourishing, warm, "hearty" foods I used to eat back home in Ireland which I just found really interesting. I even mentioned to her that I feel like "Irish Jess" again 🙂 The whole experience gave me a better understanding of my digestive system and what truly nourishes my body. 

As you can probably tell, I cannot recommend a consultation with her enough!!

Thank you Harmony.

This lovely woman (Harmony) is my practioner and she is awesome!

I have learnt so much about myself and my body and I can’t wait to continue my journey with her. She is the complete package of everything you need on your journey to better mind/body health.

~ Tracey 

Yoga was really lovely today & Pilates was great too!

~ Rome 

This Earth Angel has changed my body mind & spirit in just 2 sessions - learning how to move in Yoga and listen to what my body needs and mostly with diet and not stressing my body with fad diets - Harmony is my own support immune system 🙏

~ Salena

Absolutley LOVED Harmony's class this morning! It was simply the best!

~ Jodie

Such a blessing to have this wonderful woman in my life. She is so nurturing and truly concerned for your welfare and always goes above and beyond in her care for you. I just feel she is the whole package. Knowing you have someone in your corner to look after your health, mind and wellbeing. I have had many 'aha' moments with Harmony and I just keep growing and expanding with her.

~ Tracey.T