Stress gets the better of all of us at some point in time… but why is it sooooo important to manage for optimal hormonal health? 

Stress wreaks havoc on our hormones & is often the root cause & number one thing I see affecting women’s hormones, yet no one likes to hear this because it means that for you to have happy hormones, things must change at the core level, you must deal with the stress and put in the work to reduce the stress hormones so that your body can navigate its way back to a more hormonally balanced state.

Chronic stress (Cortisol & adrenaline) interferes with the feedback loop of sex hormones.
Cortisol is produced to deal with high levels of adrenaline, which is causing inflammation in the body.

Cortisol is an anti-inflammatory agent in SHORT term stress, but prolonged production leads to:

Decreased metabolic rate

Muscle breakdown

Increased fat stores

Disturbed immune response

Blood sugar dis-regulation.

After prolonged efforts of high cortisol production, levels drop as the adrenals can’t keep up with the demand leading to Hypothalmic Pituitary adrenal axis dysfunction (adrenal fatigue). Symptoms of Adreanl Fatigue include fatigue, increased anxiety or depression, muscle stiffness & inflammation.

Ayurveda & even modern medicine are suggesting that the number one thing to work on for good hormonal health is stress reduction.
I would like to follow that with good wholesome nutrition, as poor nutrition causes much stress on the body and mind.
Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of a good daily routine (Dinacharya) to help regulate the body, and hormones and mitigate stress.

DINACHARYA (daily routine) is soooo important guys!

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